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Standards, Legal and Regulatory
27/05/2020 The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS): Press Release on Guide for Supervisors
27/05/2020The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS): Guide for Supervisors - Integrating climate-related and environmental risks into prudential supervison
13/05/2020HKMA: Circular on Common Assessment Framework on Green and Sustainable Banking
13/05/2020HKMA: Common Assessment Framework on Green and Sustainable Banking
11/05/2020ICMA: Sustainable Finance: High-level definitions.
05/05/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Green Loan Principles (May 2020 version)
05/05/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Guidance on Green Loan Principles
05/05/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Guidance on Sustainability Linked Loan Principles
05/05/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Sustainability Linked Loan Principles (May 2020 version)
31/03/2020LMA: Green and Sustainable Lending Glossary of Terms
26/03/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Green Loan Principles (Simplified Chinese Translation)
26/03/2020APLMA/LMA/LSTA Sustainability Linked Loan Principles (Simplified Chinese Translation)
25/11/2019MAS Green Finance Action Plan - Infographic
30/09/2019TEG final report on EU climate benchmarks and benchmark ESG disclosures
18/06/2019TEG Supplementary Report 2019: Using the Taxonomy
09/05/2019APLMA at the HKMA Green Finance Forum
20/03/2019APLMA/LMA/LSTA Sustainability Linked Loan Principles
11/12/2018APLMA/LMA/LSTA Green Loan Principles
News, Education and Events
26/06/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
21/05/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
20/05/2020Interview with APLMA, LMA and LSTA on Guidance to the GLP and SLLP
16/01/2020Honorary membership of HKGFA
02/01/2020HKQAA eNewsletter
20/11/2019IFC Presentation: Green & Sustainable Finance
13/11/2019HKQAA Green Finance Certificate and Examination launched by Chartered Banker Institute
29/10/2019Linklaters: The Rise of Sustainable Finance
21/08/2019CIMB Presentation: Finance for a Better Tomorrow - Sustainability Journey and how the Banking Industry can Play a Part in Financing Change
14/06/2019IFC Presentation: Latest Developments of Green and Sustainable Loan Market
23/06/2020Ashurst: EU Taxonomy Regulation published: an update on sustainable finance developments in the EU and the UK's position post Brexit
01/06/2020Bracewell: Green Loans and Sustainability Linked Loans: New Guidance to the Green Loan Principles and Sustainability Linked Loan Principles jointly issued by the LMA, the LSTA and the APLMA
25/04/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
28/03/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
24/03/2020Clifford Chance: Greater China Region: The Development of The Green Bond Market
03/03/2020ASIFMA: Sustainable Finance in Asia Pacific
18/02/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
30/01/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
08/01/2020Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
07/01/2020Ashurst: Agreement reached on the final text of the EU taxonomy regulation
07/01/2020Ashurst: ESG Disclosure Regulation enters into force
07/01/2020Clifford Chance: HKMA consults on common assessment framework on green and sustainable banking
07/01/2020Clifford Chance: Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance publishes handbook on climate transition benchmarks and ESG disclosures
12/12/2019Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
20/11/2019Refinitiv / LPC Loanly Planet
31/10/2019Clifford Chance: The EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan - Status Table: Progress and Next Steps
02/10/2019Linklaters: Sustainable Finance - The rise of green loans and sustainability linked lending
31/07/2019Clifford Chance: Green Primer: Growing the Green Economy: addressing the sustainability challenges and opportunities
10/07/2019Clifford Chance: Draft Changes to Equator Principles Published
28/06/2019Clifford Chance: The EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan: The New TEG Reports and EU Commission Guidelines
Green and Sustainable Loan Committee
05/12/2019Agenda of Green and Sustainable Loan Committee Meeting
13/09/2019APLMA's response to the call for feedback on the EU Taxonomy
02/07/2019Agenda of Green and Sustainable Loan Committee Meeting
08/04/2019Agenda of Green and Sustainable Loan Committee Meeting