APLMA Primary Objectives

• To promote growth and liquidity in Asia’s primary and secondary loan markets.

• To facilitate the standardisation of primary and secondary loan documentation;

• To establish and promote best practices in the syndicated loan

• To monitor legislative, regulatory and market changes for impact on the syndicated loan

• To develop and promote standard trading, settlement and valuation procedures;

• To actively develop the secondary market for loan sales and trading;

• To serve as the principal liaison between loan market players and regional regulators;

• To provide leadership in the industry and act as the collective voice of the members;

• To enhance industry education through seminars, conferences and training courses;

• To provide a dynamic professional networking forum across the Asia Pacific region.

Key Benefits of Membership

• Opportunity to participate in tackling issues relevant to the syndicated loan market;

• Access to a online contacts database of over 3,000 contacts (Full members only);

• APLMA standard primary and secondary loan documentation;

• APLMA Secondary Loan Composite;

• APLMA Best Market Practices Guidelines;

• Unrivalled networking opportunities;

• 45-50 seminars (CPT accredited), conferences and networking events per year, most of
   which are free of charge;

• Pan-Asian professional networking forum;

• Annual APLMA Asia Pacific Loan Syndications Conference;

• APLMA Syndicated Loans Certificate Course (1-week Course);

• Overseas road shows across Asia;

• Access to the member-only sections of the APLMA web site which includes inter-alia:
   standard documentation; Asia Pacific secondary composite; quarterly league and volume
   tables; research reports and past seminar materials;

• Member discounts at independently organised conferences and seminars.