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Important Notice to Users of the APLMA Member Contact Database

Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you are not permitted to use the Personal Data contained in the APLMA Member Contact Database for any direct marketing purposes unless you have notified and expressly obtained the consent of the individuals listed in the APLMA Member Contact Database.

The Ordinance defines "direct marketing" as:

     (a) the offering, or advertising of the availability, of goods, facilities or services; or

     (b) the solicitation of donations or contributions for charitable, cultural, philanthropic,
          recreational, political or other purposes,

through "direct marketing means".

"Direct marketing means" is further defined to mean:

    (a) sending information or goods, addressed to specific persons by name, by mail, fax,
          electronic mail or other means of communication; or

    (b) making telephone calls to specific persons.